You can see all of my 30 plus videos on YouTube .  Sharing is caring!  Here’s one of my favourites to start you off, based on the true story of Sarah the Vegetarian.  I could tell you that she’s no longer a Vegetarian but that would be spoiling the ending.

This is one of my earliest videos so excuse the shaky camera-work.  Its not that much shakier than our future camera-work but admissions of ineptitude can be endearing.  This one answers the first and most basic question, “What is a vegan?”


What does a person eat on a vegan diet?  Air??  I was asked this question so many times I made it into a song.  The song has the questions but the video has the answers.. Enjoy!



And don’t forget you can download all my songs for continuous listening on your i-pod, i-pad, i-phone, i-patch, android or walkman.  They’re also available on CD.  If you buy my music you’ll be supporting not only me and my veggie patch but also my ability to spread the animal rights message throughout the world.