Here are a few links to some information about veganism.

Earthlings the Movie – thinking about going vegan but just need a little push?  Many people only make it through the first 10 minutes of this movie about the reality of how our race treats our fellow Earthlings.

Animal Justice Party – a voice for animals in Australian Politics.  Congratulations to Mark Pearson, Australia’s first ever animal protection parliamentarian.  MP by initials, MP by title!

World Peace Diet by Dr Will Tuttle is a must-read: one of the most powerful and revolutionary books every written.  I wrote his favourite song, by the way!

Bed and Broccoli – Australia’s only vegan B&B (and the only website that has a link to this site!)

Farplace Animal Rescue – a wonderful animal sanctuary in England and commissioner of Vegan Smythe songs.  This kind of behaviour is to be encouraged.

Vegan Easy Challenge – an awesome service personally guiding you through 30 days of veganism.

Vegan Starter Kit – a beautiful and easy to navigate website with all the basic how’s, why’s, who’s and what’s of veganism