Cruelty Free Music and Comedy

I’m Vegan Smythe and I’m the world’s only animal rights comedy cabaret character.  I live in Melbourne, Australia, but like all entertainers I do travel.  I once flew all the way to England to play a couple of sets at VegFest UK London without slowing down to get jetlag! (Check out the photo of me with “vegan badass” Patrik Baboumian)

I’d love to come and perform at or MC your function of festival and I also write songs to order.  You can contact me direct if you’d like to e-chat or set up a skype.  Be warned, once I start talking I may never stop!

And in case you’re wondering where I get my protein click here 


So, what’s with the tear tattoo?

I’m glad you asked.  I wear the tattoo because I’m a killer and I’m sad about it.  I killed hundreds if not thousands of non-human Earthlings before I went vegan.

OK, I admit I didn’t kill them myself.  I had a hitman do it for me.

Animal Justice Party

I’m also a proud member and the current Party Secretary of the Animal Justice Party. I think in order to help animals to the fullest extent we need to get political. Its not fun, but someone’s gotta do it!  Believe me, if you had asked me 10 years ago “what are the things you will definitely not be doing in your life?” joining a political party would have been right up there with bunjee jumping.

We now have our first Member of Parliament in place (Mark Pearson, former CEO of Animal Liberation) and hope to have more and more with each election until we can really make a difference.