I'm Vegan Smythe and I'm the world's only animal rights comedy cabaret character.  I live in Melbourne, Australia, but like all entertainers I do travel.  I flew all the way to England to play a couple of sets at VegFest UK London without slowing down to get jetlag!

I'd love to come and perform at or MC your function of festival and I also write songs to order.  You can contact me direct if you'd like to e-chat or set up a skype.

And in case you're wondering where I get my protein - click here!

So, what's with the tear tattoo?

I'm glad you asked.  I wear the tattoo because I'm a killer and I'm sad about it.  I killed hundreds if not thousands of non-human Earthlings before I went vegan.

OK, I admit I didn't kill them myself.  I had a hitman do it for me.